What We Believe

We believe in God
We believe there is only one true and living God. He is immutable, indefatigable and infinite. He
is not only a reality; He is the Ultimate Reality, an intelligent Spirit, and the Creator of all. He is
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in Jesus
We believe Jesus is Savior, Lord Christ, and the incarnate reality of God. He was the walking
revelation of God's love to humanity; He embodied grace; He died on the cross for the
redemption of God's creation; He got up on Easter morning to confirm to the world that God is
still in control of Heaven and Earth.

We believe in Holy Spirit
We believe in the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is is a divine Person, eternal, underived,
possessing all the attributes of personalityand deity, including intellect, emotions, will, eternality,
omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and truthfulness.

We believe in the Church
We believe in the church; the church is the prolonged incarnation of Jesus Christ; His body,
bride and building witnessing to the world through word and sacrament; the church is a
fellowship of regenerated men and women called out to live together in community life.

We believe in the Scripture
We believe that the scripture is God's word; It is his written authority for the Church; the
scripture was given to ordinary men through inspiration; the scripture is inerrant in principle and
infallible in content.

We believe in Salvation
We believe in God's saving grace; that the blessings of salvation are free to all through the
Gospel; that the requisite of acceptance is a thankful, penitent and obedient faith; that nothing
interferes with the salvation of the sinner except his refusal of the Gospel; man's disbelief is his

We believe in Baptism
We believe baptism is an ocular demonstration of God's inward renewal in the life of the
believer; in baptism our names are changed. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we
are placed under the authority of God's power and protection. It is the symbol of Christ's death,
burial and resurrection to a new life. It is a prerequisite to the privileges of the church in relation
to the Lord's Supper. Jesus Christ took bread and wine established them as the imperishable
symbols of the church. The Lord's table is open to all people in the faith who desire to
fellowship with Him.