Job Openings

                                                                                                                         Minister of Music
                                                                                                                          Job Description

Purpose:  To share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation and provide an avenue
through which individuals may share their gifts and be an integral part of worship.

Accountability:  The Minister of Music is responsible to the Deacons and Trustees for assisting the church in planning, conducting, and evaluating a
comprehensive music ministry.  The Minister of Music is also responsible to the local church body. The Music Ministry is an integral part of a meaningful
orship experience.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Maintain personal, moral, and ethical standards.
  2. Be spiritually mature to incorporate songs into worship service to support Pastor's sermon or atmosphere of service.
  3. Ability to play an organ or piano.
  4. Familiar with hymns as well as contemporary Christian music for adults and youth including quartet music for Male Chorus.
  5. Two year experience in church music activities.
  6. Must pass criminal background check.
  7. Must have experience and competency leading choirs of all age groups.
  8. Strong leadership skills are a must.
  9. Effective communicator.
  10. Ability to maintain confidences and deal effectively and cooperatively with all types of personalities working towards a positive cohesive unit.
  11. Preferred applicant should be in commuting area.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plans, promotes, implements, and evaluates Music Ministry to include but not limited to:
    1. Adult Choir (1st and 3rd Sunday)
    2. Male Chorus (2nd Sunday)
    3. Youth Choir (4th Sunday)
    4. Mass Choir (5th Sunday)
    5. Other special choirs
    6. Accompanying instrumentalists to include: additional keyboardists, drummer, lead guitarist, bass guitarist and any future additional
  2. Assist the Pastor in planning congregational services and be responsible for the regular selection of new songs and teaching songs to choir.
  3. Rehearse each choir at least one day during week before designated Sunday of service.
  4. Be in place to play before start of devotion and remain for altar calls, and throughout service until end of the service. Remain in sanctuary
    until church service is completed.
  5. Attend funerals held at church.  Services may be offered to those having weddings at the church.
  6. Provide notice of absence three days in advance to Deacons/Trustees along with name of substitute musician.
  7. Provide suitable substitute at own expense when absent.
  8. Develop gifts and meet with accompanists, soloists, and director (if position filled) to ensure music and direction is in place before rehearsing
    with choir on a weekly basis.
  9. Accompany the church/choir on all outings where either choir is needed to sing. 
  10. Give counsel and direction to director (if position filled), song leaders, accompanists, and other musicians who serve in the church.
  11.  Directly supervises all accompanists to include coordination and replacement during times of absence.
  12.  Aware of absences of accompanists and ensures suitable substitutes will be in place.
  13.  Assists audio technicians in the operation of sound equipment by assisting with sound checks.
  14. Responsible for care and upkeep of musical equipment.  Recommend tuning, maintenance, replacement and/or purchase of new
    instruments, microphones, equipment or supplies for music department.
  15. Enlist, develop and use talent within the church to participate in the Music Ministry.
  16. Present other special training sessions as needed to musicians and choir.
  17.  Attend Pastor and/or Deacons/Trustees meetings as requested.
  18. Works as team member with all staff and volunteers to ensure harmony and positive spiritual growth of church.
  19. Successfully complete 90-day probationary period.
  20. Successfully meet requirements for annual performance evaluation.
  21. Provide in writing at least two weeks' notice before date of resignation.
  22. Perform other duties as assigned by the Church Officers.


  1. Negotiable competitive salary
  2. Vacation Pay
  3. Sick Leave
  4. This part-time position has no pension or health care benefits